Tenant & Buyer Representation

Tenant Representation - South Florida

Strategic Realty Services, LLC has the expertise to help buyers and tenants through the process of aligning their real estate needs with their business objectives. We represent your best interest in a changing business climate to maximize your time to focus on your business and be successful. We provide what is needed to assist you through the entire process from market analysis to final purchase or lease to move in.

Strategic Benefits

  1. Strategic Realty’s experience enables the client to obtain full knowledge of the condition of the market place and the maximum benefit to the buyer or tenant.
  2. Strategic Realty will work with owners and developers on the client’s behalf to provide the best results with the least demand on their valuable time which is far better utilized in running their business.
  3. Strategic Realty defines the client’s requirements and arranges inspections with only those properties that fit their needs.
  4. Strategic Realty assists the client in carefully analyzing each potential property and focuses on such areas as expenses, location, loss factor, tenant improvements, escalations and space efficiency.
  5. Strategic Realty organizes solicitation of requests for proposals and compiles these into a comprehensive analysis and a decision matrix to reduce the complex process to a conclusive recommendation.
  6. Strategic Realty conducts review meetings with the client and his decision makers to help in the selection process.
  7. Strategic Realty coordinates the submittal and registrations of other real estate brokers to assure broker cooperation and shield the client from broker claims and controversies.
  8. Strategic Realty establishes a competitive bidding environment on behalf of the client to insure the best economic proposal and the greatest flexibility for the client.
  9. Strategic Realty assists in negotiating the most favorable terms available in the market place and keeps the client informed of all the market changes and developments which may impact a decision.
  10. Once the lease or purchase document is executed, Strategic Realty provides diligent follow up which ensures the client’s timely closing and move-in.

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